Was it disappointment ?

 A Russian tourist caused a security alert last week, when she threw a mug, purchased from the museum gift shop, at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre museum, Paris. The gallery was full of visitors when the woman hurled an empty terracotta mug at the world-famous painting which bounced off the portrait’s bullet-proof glass and landed on the floor, smashing into pieces.  Following a psychological examination doctors are  trying to assess whether she is a sufferer of Stendhal Syndrome: a medical condition that prompts sane individuals to lose control of their actions suddenly and defame a work of art.  Believe me if she found the exhibit through the miles of corridors and stairways she was far from being unstable and maybe threw the missile in disappointment. If ever a profession justified its pathetic existence it is psychiatry.  Invent an unspellable name and then fool millions of people into a lifetime of drug use!! If these people had any credibility they would all be out of a job – fuelled by success. Like the witchdoctors of old they attempt to mystify us all except the multinational drug companies who, along with their shareholders, are the only beneficiaries. I bet they even have a name for my condition: An inherent dislike of  ‘trick cyclists’ gained from personal experience.


2 thoughts on “Was it disappointment ?

  1. Ahahaha…. There\’se always an excuse for bad behavior, you know!Thanks for visiting, Laird! I send my regards to the Scots, too – they are just AMAZING! More Scots at the Ullevaal stadium yesterday than I have ever seen supporters from any away team or nation!!! And they made a great show – at least untill they saw that the game was lost…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S5Jy6IGOJMHave a great day!Ellen

  2. Happy Birthday Harold. Have a pleasant day. btw. I did not name my Daughter "Lisa" for nothing.

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