King of the Greenwood; King of the Grove,
Lord of Truth is the Mighty Oak,

Conveying the words of Jupiter,
Lending its knot holes to faery folk.

Worshipped by Vikings, Druids and Celts,
Door to the Three Worlds of Shaman wise,
Sacred Tree, the Mighty Hammer of Thor
And raging powers of Zeus, Oak defies.

Ancient spiritual link, steadfast and strong,
Home of Herne the Hunter, giving shade,
Leading the way to truth and inner strength,
Sheltering Beltane couples’ romps in the glade.

Giving up your boughs to kindle Need Fires,
Fuel for Summer Solstice fires so bright,
Doorway of the great turning point of year,
Taking power and strength of Sun to its height.

Sitting neath your branches spread so wide,
Soothing, calming problems of the mind,
Renewing strength and courage, finding faith,
Oak will help us leave our doubts behind.

Wand of Oakwood, acorn carved at end,
Talismans protecting us from harm,
Then in Yule, your branches long and strong
Will burn away in grates to keep us warm.

Mighty Oak from tiny acorn grown,
Deep within our English hearts you reign,
Holding secrets fast from times long gone,
Long may the Lord of Truth with us remain.

Copyright © by Darkwing


Major Oak, Sherwood Forest. Is around 800 years old. According to local lore, its hollow trunk was used as a hideout by Robin Hood’s men, though if Robin was – as legend suggests – active in the 12th or 13th century, this tree could only have been a sapling then. So it must have been another, much older oak that hid the outlaw.

Today, the world famous tree weighs an estimated 23 tonnes, its trunk circumference is 33 feet (10m), its branches spread to over 92 feet (28m).

It is located 10 – 15 minutes walk from the Visitor Centre. There is a good, signed footpath from the Visitor Centre to the famous tree.


3 thoughts on “THE MIGHTY OAK – LORD OF TRUTH.

  1. Robin Hood and the Sherwood Forest are literally engraved in my chilhood mind. I remember it was a Tuesday when the class of 30 pupils were moved to the school auditorium to listen to the story of Robin Hood. I can still hear the voices of the Actors and see the old wooden box loudspeaker on which my eyes were rivetted. Robin Hood is a legend, but he is also so real !

  2. The mightly oak holds a special place for me also. We have one we planted on our place here. It has moved 4 times now with us over 30 years. It has been here now 15 of those. But to see an old oak tree that holds and has seen so much pass before it is an amazing site. Thanks for sharing these wonderful words on the mighty oak and beautiful photo. Hugs carrie

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