a bird in the hand . . . . .

One of the earliest baby birds has been found in northeast China. The fossil, estimated at 121 MILLION years old, is curled up as though still in its shell. The tiny bird had a large skull, feathers and a hardened skeleton, indications that it was near maturity even though it had not yet hatched. Birds like this one that develop feathers and can feed on their own by the time they hatch are known as precocious, in contrast to others that hatch naked and helpless. The bird was found in a layer of shale in Liaoning province by Zhonghe Zhou and Fucheng Zhang of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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  1. Fascinating post Harold. Induces the thoughts just what are we walking across, what lays deep bellow waiting to see the light again.In my time I dare say, that I must have walked over some fine sized nuggets. If only I had known they were there.I have walked on egg shells all my life , it seems.Have a pleasent week end.Kenny

  2. Yes the hidden secrets that are still out there to be revealed. Amazing how helpless so many animals are when born now. But way back then the need to survived was in the genes making it possible. Thanks for sharing.. Hugs Carrie

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