This morning I awoke to sunshine and blue skies for what seems the first time in weeks. After shopping I stopped by the River Trent and took a stroll along the pathway. The weekend gales have all but stripped away the leaves from the trees and now they stand, like sentinels, awaiting the winter snows.


The river level had dropped some 4 feet since the heavy rainfall

but was still racing along from the ferry footbridge:



To the old bridge:


This stretch is home to ducks, swans and geese,


Whilst others were just passing through:

Although it does nt appear so,the river is flowing too quickly for them to forage for food

So this brave character thought I had brought breakfast!


Whilst this one wanted solitude:

The weeping willow:

And so to the car park and home for elevenses !


5 thoughts on “RIVER WALK

  1. I find your space to be enchanting. I saw your comment on Grandpas space and thought I would pop in for a visit. T~

  2. Lovely! and very nice pictures Laird. Enjoy the rest of your day, may it be full of sunshine.

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