China is increasing pressure for imperial treasures to be repatriated, condemning overseas auctions of its relics and demanding they are returned to the Motherland. Hundreds of historic temples, treasures and art in China have been lost to their wanton destruction; from the writings of Confucius to the insanity of the ‘Cultural Revolution’. Perhaps the world’s museums should charge China rent for safeguarding its dwindling collection of historic treasures?


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  1. I am no expert on china. That being said i do not agree with their politics or their lack of respect for human rights. I enjoy their art and am interested in their alternative medicinal practices not to mention the delectable cuisine! Hopefully they will take positive steps to protect their historical artifacts.

  2. Laird i am in no way blind of my own countrys injustices and agree that health care is substandard. I am one of many whom has fallen through the cracks. I spent the majority of my youth in a third world country and appreciate a great many things i am offeredbeing a us citizen. I have traveled extensively and am aware that a great many of countrys offer their citizens as much and more than iam afforded. Thank you for your informed point of view.

  3. I\’m 100% with you, Harold!!!! Western countries holding those "treasures" (I\’m not sure if they are really what have been claimed all along! Hahaha…) should charge this regime for safekeeping of those stuff!!!! The so-called "cultural revolution" is in essence a "cultural annihilation", destroying uncountable true treasures in this country! If Hitler and his men could be charged with genocide, while Mao and this communist regime are absolutely entitled for cultural genocide as well as genocide of humanity!

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  5. Well, apart from taking back imperial treasures preserved so respectfully by other countries; the Chinese seem to be taking over Africa’s natural resources too. I wonder what their intentions are……………But on another note: from the News channels I see that the U.K. is once again swamped with rain, stormy weather and flooding rivers….Keep warm and dry.

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