The parents of a boy knocked down and killed by a woman here in GB  said they had forgiven her after she was detained indefinitely in a secure hospital. Mother-of-two Hannah Saaf, 28, was high on cannabis and travelling at more than twice the 30mph speed limit before she mowed down 11-year-old Sam Riddall. He was instantly killed as he walked home with a group of friends from a church youth service.

Sam’s dad said "It’s the same God that is giving us the strength and helping us to forgive Hannah for the terrible thing she’s done to us by killing our son."


This man is putting more emphasis on forgiving the MURDERER of his son than on his son’s future life – a life stolen from him by a drugged wonton killer. It is this senseless devaluation of a human life that has made me turn my back on this cult religion. There are over 100,000 troops fighting in Afghanistan for what we are told is a just cause. What is the point if christians will forgive the car bombers and not condemn them?


3 thoughts on “DELUDED

  1. I don\’t believe these "divine" people truly forgive, not for one minuet. "Unadulterated crap" sounds about right to me.

  2. I see one reason for them to forgive her. They need to get over this themselves, so that they can live on. Because even if their son is dead (yes, he is dead – nothing can give him back – no hate, no anger) they have to live their lives as well as possible. And to do that I think forgiving is a good start. Laird, I came to your space to wish you a Merry Christmas! Best regards from much closer to you than I use to be – I\’m at the Ekofisk by now :-)Ellen

  3. Merry Christmas, and I totally agree it is A LOAD OF UNADULTERATED CRAP! I\’ll never forgive such person!

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