A pair of lovers got into an argument in a coffee shop. Neither was prepared to give ground. Then, the boy stormed out of the coffee shop, leaving his girlfriend alone weeping. The distraught girl used her spoon to stir the unpeeled lemon in the tea cup, trying to vent her anger. The unpeeled lemon was horrible after a while and a bitter taste was coming out from the skin. So the girl called the waiter and asked for a new cup of lemon tea but with stripped lemon.

The waiter looked at the girl and took away the cup without saying anything. Then he brought a new cup of frozen lemon tea. Inside the tea, the lemon skin was obvious there. The angry girl was so annoyed, she called the waiter again, and “I said, I want the lemon to be peeled off, did I not make it clearly?" She rebuked the waiter.  The waiter looked at her with his clear and bright eyes, and said, "Miss, please do not worry. You know, after the lemon skin is thorough soaking, its bitterness will be dissolved in the tea, a refreshing sweet taste will come out and this is what you want, right?  Please do not make it in haste.  If you squeeze all the lemon scent out of it within three minutes, the tea will be unsettled, messing things up. "

     The girl froze a moment, saddness touched her heart. She looked into the waiter’s eyes and asked, "What is the longest time to make the lemon flavour to the limit, then?"
  The waiter smiled, "Twelve hours. Twelve hours after the lemon will release all the essence, and you can get an extremely delicious cup of lemon tea, but you have to pay twelve hours of patience and waiting. "

After a pause, the waiter said, "Actually, not just tea, for any trouble in life, as long as you are willing to pay twelve hours patience and waiting, you will find that things are not as bad as you are imagining."

The girl looked at him, "What are you implying?" 

The waiter smiled, "I’m just teaching you how to cook the lemon tea, in the meantime discussing with you if we can use this theory to brew a delicious life." After saying this, the waiter left, leaving the girl in a quiet contemplation looking, but not seeing the cup of lemon tea before her.

After the girl returned home, she made herself a cup of lemon tea.  Slicing the lemon and putting the small thin pieces into the tea, the girl watched it quietly. She could see them breathing, opening every cell. There were delicate crystal beads of water condensing. She was touched and felt that the life and soul of lemon was slowly sublimating, was slowly releasing. Twelve hours later, she enjoyed the most wonderful and delicious lemon tea she had never tasted in her whole life before. The girl understood that this is because the soul of lemon is dissolved deeply inside which makes such a perfect taste.

The doorbell rang. The girl opened the door and saw the boy standing outside, with a big bunch of roses in his arms.
"Can forgive me?" he mumbled.
The girl laughed, pulling him in, and put a cup of lemon tea in front of him.
"Let us make an agreement," the girl said. "In the future, no matter how much trouble, we are not allowed to lose our temper. Just settle down and think about this cup of lemon tea."
"Why do you want a cup of lemon tea”? Queried the boy.
"Because we need to wait twelve hours!"

Later, the girl applied the secret of lemon tea into all aspects of her life. She enjoyed not only the wonderful taste of lemon tea, but also the wonderful taste of life.

Please remember what the waiter said: If you try to squeeze the taste of lemon within three minutes, they confuse the tea with the bitter taste, messing things up." Life is also like making a cup of lemon tea. Patience and waiting make its taste infinity. However, it cannot wait too long. Tea brewed for too long is difficult to swallow. Wait too long and life like the tea, it will fade and be tasteless. 


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