black history month ?

America designates February as black history month a concept created by the politically correct for the feebley uncorrect .
 Here is an item of ‘black’ history. 
25 years ago when the British finally gave Zimbabwe independance it was a prosperous country. It exported food and goods to its less fortunate neighbours, unemployment among all its citizens was low. 
 "Zimbabwe now has the  geriatric meglomanic robert mugabe in charge.  At the last election only people who voted for him were given food. Prosperous land was ‘redistributed’ to his supporters. Most of it now lies fallow for want of expert husbandry.

"At the municipal rubbish dump just outside the second city Bulawayo dozens of people pick through the acres of rotting debris, trying to find something of value to sell. With unemployment now at 80% growing numbers have to make a living this way. The state of the nation’s economy would be farcical if the consequences were not so tragic. With inflation running at 100,000% the currency is almost worthless, counted out in huge wads of 10 million dollar notes – each one worth about 15p. Even those who have cash struggle to find much to buy with it. We found many of the supermarket shelves empty, bar a few imported canned goods.

A tin of baked beans costs 38 million dollars. The forecourts of the petrol stations are deserted but on every street corner you see men selling bottles of fuel. The black market is thriving, but the people are not. In the main cemetery in Bulawayo, row after row of fresh graves tell the story of the downfall of this country. In the past decade of Mr Mugabe’s rule life expectancy has plummeted to 37 for men and 34 for women – the lowest in the world. AIDS, poverty and a lack of health care are killing off the country’s future. The hospitals are clean and orderly but they don’t even have basic drugs or equipment to treat the patients and the salaries of the staff barely cover what it costs them to travel to work. "

Anyone who talks glibley about Imperialist oppression should read the above again and think seriously before funding these african warlords. Is this what my British taxes have subsidised? If so lets stop paying these madmen – now !


I find this designation rather condescending when, if you remember that Britain outlawed slavery 200 years ago, and the last State of the Union did so only 40 years ago.  Maybe we should also designate a month for the white, brown and yellow peoples of the ‘global village’ without forgetting the Mauryan, Hittite, Parthian, Greek, Han, Roman, Aztec, and British Empires?

 That leaves one of the following :


  • Ethiopian Empire (1137 AD – 1974 AD)
  • Marinid Empire (1195 AD – 1465 AD)
  • Mali Empire (1235 AD – 1645 AD)
  • Songhai Empire (1340 AD – 1591 AD)
  • Jolof Empire (1360 AD – 1889 AD)
  • Kingdom of Kongo (c. 1395 – 1857)
  • Bornu Empire (1396 AD – 1893 AD)
  • Oyo Empire (1400 AD – 1895 AD)
  • Benin Empire (1440 AD – 1897 AD)
  • Kaabu Empire (1537 AD – 1867 AD)
  • Kingdom of Luba (1585 AD – 1885 AD)
  • Lunda Empire (1660 AD – 1887 AD)
  • Kong Empire (1710 AD – 1894 AD)
  •  To represent the continent of Africa which as we are all aware is the cradle of ALL mankind and not an offshore atlantic island..




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