For sixty minutes I will share the experience of the entire planet, or certainly those with access to a light switch. Make a date for 8.30pm on Saturday 27 March 2010, to turn out the lights, and show support as hundreds of millions of people around the world do likewise in a call to every individual, every business, and every community to stand up, show leadership and be responsible for our future.

“Earth Hour is an opportunity for every man, woman and child from all corners of the globe to unite and show the world that by working together we can win the battle against global warming,”

Plan your candle lit hour of peace and JOIN the world’s most iconic landmarks that have confirmed their participation in Earth Hour.

·         Big Ben and Houses of Parliament in London,

·         Edinburgh Castle in Scotland,

·         Eiffel Tower in Paris,

·         Trevi Fountain in Rome and Leaning Tower of Pisa,

·         India Gate and Red Fort in Delhi,

 ·         Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe,

·         Bosphorous Bridge in Istanbul

·         Hohensalzburg Castle in Salzburg,

 ·         Independence Angel in Mexico City. 

·         The Pearl Tower in Shanghai

 .         Table Mountain in Cape Town.

They join a comprehensive list of the world’s great man-made marvels and natural wonders which will plunge into darkness for Earth Hour contributing to a historic moment in the climate landscape.


12 thoughts on “EARTH HOUR 2010

  1. The problem is that just turning off the lights for an hour doesn\’t really do that much. Not while power is still running to appliences (like refrigerators and desktops and modems and all the rest of the ALWAYS on junk with which we have cluttered our lives. Even using a cell phone to make a call (as advised here) uses up electricity. "Huh?" you cry. "No! It works on a battery, you stupid woman!"Yes, but:"Inside your cell phone, there is a compact speaker, a microphone, a keyboard, a display screen, and a powerful circuit board with microprocessors that make each phone a miniature computer. When connected to a wireless network, this bundle of technologies allows you to make phone calls or exchange data with other phones and computers around the world. The components operate so efficiently that a lightweight battery can power your phone for days.Today, cell phones fit in the palm of your hand, weigh only a few ounces, and offer features such as color graphics, musical ring tones and voice-activated dialing. Only a few years ago, the electronics in this sleek device would have filled a large briefcase.With wireless data services, you can receive faxes, browse the Internet, send and receive email or play video games-all on your cell phone. Some even include built-in digital cameras, spreadsheet software, GPS location services and music features.A cell phone is really a radio-a very sophisticated and versatile radio. Much like a walkie-talkie, a cell phone receives and sends radio signals. Because these radios connect into a network, cell phones offer much more-the ability to call any telephone anywhere in the world, Internet access and data services.Wireless networks operate on a grid that divides cities or regions into smaller cells. One cell might cover a few city blocks or up to 250 square miles. Every cell uses a set of radio frequencies or channels to provide service in its specific area. The power of these radios is controlled in order to limit the signal\’s geographic range. Because of this, the same frequencies can be re-used in nearby cells. So, many people can hold conversations simultaneously in different cells throughout the city or region, even though they are on the same channel.In each cell, there is a base station consisting of a wireless antenna and other radio equipment. The wireless antenna in each cell links callers into the local telephone network, the Internet or another wireless network.No longer just big radio towers, wireless antennas can be mounted in church steeples, on trees and flagpoles, and on top of tall buildings. Many are no larger than stereo speakers. In rural areas, taller antennas send signals further distances to better serve users who are more spread out.Wireless antennas transmit signals just like your local radio station. And just like your car radio, these radio signals can be obstructed by trees, tall buildings and even weather.When you turn on your cell phone, it searches for a signal to confirm that service is available. Then the phone transmits certain identification numbers, so the network can verify your customer information-such as your wireless provider and phone number.If you are calling from a cell phone to a wired phone, your call travels through a nearby wireless antenna and is switched by your wireless carrier to the traditional landline phone system. The call then becomes like any other phone call and is directed over the traditional phone network, and to the person you are calling.If you are calling another cell phone, your call may go through the landline network to the recipient\’s wireless carrier, or it might be routed within the wireless network to the cell site nearest the person you called.If you\’re calling someone further away, your call will be routed to a long distance switching center, which relays the call across the country or around the world through fiber-optic cables." and that\’s a lot of POWER being used up.I\’m not saying DON\’T turn off the lights…I\’m saying shut down the other junk for the same hour.

  2. I have not succumed to the fad for mobile phones. My electrical devices are never on \’standby\’ and if my fridgefreezer ran continuously for an hour I would consider it defective. Your interesting reply, for which I thank you, is a brilliant example of how a] we rely on unnecessary gizmo\’s and b] how much of the worlds natural resources are wasted on \’vanity\’ living.

  3. Well, of course, no ONE Fridge/Freezer runs continuously but since EVERYONE in the West has one how many are running each hour? Most computers, stereos, TVs, etc are on "standby" (more or less—the "Instant On" feature—I can remember when you\’d turn on a TV or radio and it would take maybe 8 days…for it to "warm up", you know. :-)And let\’s not forget all those "wi-fi" parties during earth hour—when people are using their laptops (batteries again) to connect with friend for "Earth Hour Celebrations" but again, they are using the same technology (basically) as the cellular phone (mobile phone, sky phone etc) which means they are STILL using up electricity. Again, just having the lights off is but a small gesture. But it is a gesture in the RIGHT direction.

  4. Switching the lights out tomorrow night for an hour. shall increase the birth rate Globally in 9 month\’s time. Would be more energy saving leaving the lights on. Just a thought !

  5. Dam! I never realised keeping the lights on was a recognised contraceptive. Now you tell me !!!!!!

  6. If you had been married to my first x wife…you would have recognized the benefit of keeping the lights "on" !!! all hail Edison !

  7. Are we to assume from this that Kenneth couldn\’t remember what she looked like with the lights out?ps: She wasn\’t a Capulet, was she?

  8. Oh ! no for heavens sake ! she was a Montague, naturally. could never bring shame upon the family name. Besides I did not wish to be excommunicated, and exiled to Manchester.

  9. hahahahahhaaa! just loved all the banter among the viewers of your page. Popped by to answer your question re Earth Hour. It is 8:30pm your local time.

  10. Laird, is good to all to know that turning your switch off in the main brakers one hour a week will save you an average of 15.00,, and five minutes per day, another 5.00 per months, and keep the planet cleaner(do not keep a lots of food in your fridge, just necessary for 3 days) any way food fresher is healthier, your fridge, uses it less electricity when more empty., just like your car uses more gasoline when too heavy, so do not have unnecessary stuff in your truck,lighter better.Also having candles at night in the bathrooms instead of night lights, will give romantic and soft mood to your rooms, beside to save some money, and keeping the planet greener.Keep a nice oil lamp with grape oil always ready, when you want to save some electricity in your rooms, gives good reading light.some little tricks and advices, to keep our planet greener

  11. THC. If one only stocks up the fridge for three days at a time, that means one must visit the supermarket twice a week. To arrive at the supermarket one must drive. Thus costing the shopper more money than he has saved by stocking his fridge up for only three days. Plus more pollution belching out into our already dangerously over polluted atmosphere. Not sure about the candles. Ever since my brush with death because of them, I have avoided there use, even during the December silly season. The grape oil sounds interesting. if you can\’t drink it, burn it 😉

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