Riding the horses of word
I set out
Passing the faraway heavens
Through silence and miasma
In the realm of nihility
Evoking the creation
And the details of existence…
Between perception and emotions
The shadow falls
In the dream’s chalice
While the whole world remains clam
And still
Embroidering the silver visionary
It disperses
Glittering clearly in the Dream’s eye
Searching for what I am searching for-
A secretive grief
Nothing has left for it
But death and word..!!
Thus poesy descends
Fraught with legends abiding within me…
Blind, they see nothing
Nor do they perceive a thing
But the clamour of words..
Useless you pass by one after one
Barren trees
Shadow and dream are twins
And poetry is their aroma
It touches heavens
And permeates the spirit…
Alas! It has not blown yet in our fields
Oh my grievous land
You keep silent
Enshrouded in grief
Crying alone..
Nothing could fill up your emptiness
But poetry
Which will bring back your migratory birds
To sing on the branches of your sad trees

• Translated by the author: MUNIR MEZYED•