Who do you think you are? My research does not proceed with the same speed of the TV programme, in fact I wonder how many celebs are rejected before a reasonable programme can be filmed. The series has an agenda of highlighting phases of British history. All of which show that previous generations held views that vary from the opinions of the political correct mind police who continually chip away at the moral and structural fibre of Great Britain.
It should come as no surprise if you discover ‘skeletons in the cupboard.’ Family fables like all folklore have a needle of truth hidden away in them. Finding the needle in the haystack is what makes this hobby interesting and worthwhile. To continue the metaphor – each haystack contains weeds or incorrect data. The charlatans who perpetuate the wrong information are in my experience, deaf to reason and blind to the logic of actual documentation. The first rule must be to disbelieve what you see on the internet until a census, birth, marriage or death certificate, preferably a combination of all, verify the facts that you are researching for a particular person. Weed out the various ‘theories’ until you finish with only one and that, as Sherlock Holmes says, "No matter how improbable , must be the truth ."
The truth of the life of THOMAS DAVENPORT born in Lower Withington, close to what is now Jodral Bank, is defying a conclusion some 300 years after he married MARGARET HASSLEHURST in the parish church of Sandbach, Cheshire.
The story of WILLIAM MANGNALL is incomplete for want of the verification of his date of birth.[1755 – 1760].
HENRY BOARDMAN marries SARAH HEATON in Leigh, Lancashire in 1797. His birthplace is as yet
THOMAS LEECH, a 30 year old Mancunian, looms into view in 1851 Census but as in common with many folk is not registered in the 1841 Census! Or is he ?
Meanwhile I will return to the cupboard of a Great Aunt who so the story goes . …. .!