I would like to think that america is being saturated with news coverage of the General Election to the Mother of ALL parliaments here in Britain. Sadly I imagine that is a forlorn hope. In this election we have had a movement away from the importance of the hustings to a series of three 90 minute televised programmes in which the leaders of Labour, Conservative and Liberal Party’s answer pertinent questions on, for example, finance, education and foreign policy. Fascinating how in a total of 270 minutes we heard from each leader what is wrong with their opponents ideas but little of substance about their own policies.
The one option which these programmes have strengthened is NOT to vote.
Not to vote Conservative – they will create an elitist privatised education system: stop building new schools and refurbishing existing ones. There economics are 20 years out of date. In the 1980’s they wasted our oil revenue and sold off the nations utilities, gas, electric water and transport to Germany,France,Spain, India and the USA. Creating a ‘nationalised group’ of people with either no jobs or the prospect of one. [A group which today follow a career in unemployment]. Today they promise to ‘cut government waste.’ The last time that promise was heard they created more government jobs – they called them ‘quango’s – jobs for the unelected whose decisions affect every taxpayer !  
Not to vote Labour – Politicians are economical with the truth but the present government took us to war on a sycophantic raft of lies. Whilst they have held our interest rates and cost of living rises at low record levels this success was paid for by stealing £6 Billion from private pension schemes and selling our gold reserves for $300 an ounce.[ Todays price is $1180 ] ! They are building more schools – more students attend university – teachers salaries continue to rise. The number of pupils leaving school with a fundamental understanding of English and Mathematics remains at best static, at worse, is decreasing. The hospital waiting lists of 20 years ago are a distant and unpleasant memory, our national health service continues to be second to none – the price for this is unsustainable bureaucracy.
Not to vote Liberal Democrat – They ‘promise’ to reduce my income tax bill. The obscenely high paid ‘elite,’ who pay accountants more than I earn,to avoid paying any tax, will pay! After they sack the tax accountants and lawyers I assume? Mention of redistribution of wealth  on May 1st is quite appropriate.
They support our membership of a strong Europe not as an off shore dependancy of obama world. They call for the reduction and end of our obsolete and outdated ‘nuclear deterrant’.The £ will remain our currency and will ignore greeks bearing gifts of worthless bonds!! Then the rest of their manifesto is glib and a little patronising.
Not to vote is, I have been brought up to believe, a betrayal of the people who laid the foundations of our democratic country and who like my kith and kin, paid the ultimate price for my ‘freedom.’
I know what I want to vote for – so far no candidate or party have offered me a viable choice.

2 thoughts on “POLL DAY NEARS

  1. The three of them together would not govern this sacred land as it should be governed. Peacefully, sympathetically and honestly.So, just who does that leave !!!

  2. Bring back Maggie Thatcher, thats what I say, you knew where you were with Maggie :-))))

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