Your new homepage has arrived!


MSN & my ISP have been pratting around for a couple of weeks – disturbing the usual silky smooth hour or so I spend online. I switched on my computer this morning, overcame the usual barrier to my access and found what? A message from msn -"Your new homepage has arrived! "
What a collection of disassembled, illogical, user unfriendly pages. It has, they say been tested in brazil and the usa – I must assume that the millions of critical comments have been ignored? As usual.
 Who are
 a] the single cell cretins that have "designed" the change.
 b] the execs who have approved what ranks as msn’s worse homepage yet?
 c] the HomerSimpson charecters that "tested" the horror show ?
I have never accepted change for changes sake – maybe old age is making me tetchy?
As of now, after what – 9 years ? My new home page will be:
we should nt blame out tools just msn
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6 thoughts on “Your new homepage has arrived!

  1. yahoo.I have signed in a few days ago.But I don\’t know it very well. I just use MSN well.Lol

  2. You want to know the really SAD thing? I originally switched to Windows Live three years ago or so because Yahoo (which I had used for years) suddenly started messing with my homepage :-(Looks like NONE of these idiots can leave well enough alone.The whole freaking POINT of a homepage is that the user designs it the way he (or she) wants it.Let the techs keep their unclean hands off\’n our HOMEPAGES!!!

  3. I have just left Yahoo because I seemed to have someone hacking into my email every five minutes and their spam filter is total crapola. I suppose I shall have to consider other options but Yahoo won\’t be one of them

  4. If it aint broke, dont fix it ! Thats my Motto, why cant people LEAVE THINGS ALONE GGGGGgrrrrrrrrrr

  5. I have few problems with email, either msn or BT yahoo, I just switch on walls of defiance and hope for the best ! Msn messenger I find more user friendly than other similiar services, but feel it will not be long before msn destroy that too !!

  6. what a good laugh! I guess it keeps us on our toes.Have a wonderful week-end.Kate xxx

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