Almost the end of the academic year, here the final term begins on Monday after a weeks holiday – which  used to be called Whitsuntide ‘when I werra lad’.  Now only the dreaded exams and school reports before the 6 week summer holiday/vacation begins in July. That is if teachers are allowed to make reports these days,perhaps not;it might upset the little angels! When these assessments were made in my day they had hidden messages to our parents. Here are some examples for my teachers friends:
Satisfactory progress : I cannot think of a single interesting thing to say about him/her.
easygoing : Bone idle
a sensitive child : never stops whining
lively : disruptive
helpful : creep
reliable : grasses on fellow students
expresses him/herself confidently : cheeky little s**t
enjoys all physical activities : a thug
works better in a group : dare not take my eyes off him/her
needs encouragement : thick as two short planks
good with his/her  hands : light fingered
independant minded obstinate
possesses a vivid imagination :  a liar 
Finally one which IS self explanatory:
 "Some drink from a fountain of knowledge; he only gargles."
Enjoy the weekend folks ! 


2 thoughts on “SCHOOL REPORTS

  1. only three weeks til the scots summer hols begin and no week off this week sadly, can almost guarantee it will rain until the second week in August when term starts again 😦

  2. I recall most of my old skool reports stating " has the ability but must try harder"… think that comes under "easygoing"

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