When it comes to the photographs people put on their home sites I always wish I had the ‘eye’ for a picture in the same way that Carrie in BC, Steve in Alaska, and Bernard and Catherine in France all have.Like most tourists I have ‘snaps’ of the Eiffel Tower, Vatican guards, and swans on the nearby Trent and Alex eating ice cream.Last weekend I went to Twycross Zoo, which nestles in the Leicestershire wolds, with my son and Grandson.( Pictures are in my pictures file). However the one I am most proud of is this one,taken through the reinforced perspex barrier :
There in the corner of the large enclosure was a mouse ! Like several other folk I was taking pictures of the monkey’s who, fascinated by the attention of the onlookers, were showing off there skills to full effect. I admit it was my son who spotted the interloper, so here you see the mouse and no monkey’s !!
No lions either : The two female Asiatic lions have moved as part of the European Breeding Programme (EEP) for this Critically Endangered sub-species. They will be joining a young male lion at Dudley Zoo where it is hoped that they will breed in due course. 
For those of you who are used to seeing animals in their natural habitats; modern zoos are the only oppotunity we have of seeing them for real and they are helping in a world wide programme to conserve hundreds of species. Here is the Twycross website for more data:


  1. O, what a panic\’s in thy breastie!Th need na start awa sae hasty,Wi\’ bickering brattle!and I cant remember the rest lol 🙂 Nice photo though

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