I find it surprising that many Americans find it surprising that a spy ring has been discovered in their country. Are they naive enough to think a) the russians, israelis,chinese and taliban have closed down there intelligence services? b) Has the CIA ceased to function?  If you have something to hide someone, somewhere will attempt to find ‘your weakess link" !

4 thoughts on “I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE. . . .

  1. Hi Laird,The CIA must learn from the Mosad, but the Mosad won\’t teach them all !

  2. No it has not, mind you, it is true story, several years ago, my father was awoken by a phone call at 2.30 amA voice on the phone informed it was CIA Langley calling. They request him to stop hacking into their computer.My father was eighty years old at the time, and never owned or operated a computer, after informing them of thesefact, plus some abuse from my Father on the lines of what he thought about them. They did apologise to him,a

  3. continued. they must have made a mistake and got the wrong person. Not much use for an Intelligence Agencyall that trouble to find him, yet they could not have checked all their facts.

  4. Never could decide between the 2 witch is the oldest profession. But how unspeakably connected they so often are. I have no experience of either, I hasten to add !!

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