Agricultural chemicals applied to farms throughout the Mississippi watershed together with Industrial and domestic waste flow toward the Gulf of Mexico, and because of the river’s canalisation, these chemical-laden waters and sediments are shunted into the Gulf. The nitrogen and phosphorus in fertilizers have created a recurring summer "dead zone" with oxygen levels so low in parts of the Gulf that few species can survive. The 2009 dead zone extended over about 3,000 square miles (7,770 square km), smaller than the average but more deadly because the poisoned area was closer to the water’s surface.
It appears BP shareholders are paying not only for the clean up after the recent american oil rig disaster but also for decades of irresponsible pollution from american industry. 

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  1. The sad thing is… those that created the "dust bowl" didn\’t know what they were doing.Those that are committing this crime against Nature today, are fully aware of the destruction they are causing and still they continue !Dam them to Hell !!!

  2. btw. your fav quote on your front page is quiet true. It has taken me ages to walk up your path 🙂 but I made it !!!

  3. Yes BP seem to be a Whipping Boy, for the American\’s Have a great day

  4. On a much brighter note….and as I am once again off travelling, I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday for Sunday. Hope you are thoroughly spoiled by family and friends on the day.Kate xx

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