the devils disciples


A recent report has uncovered a  disgusting collaberation between Great Britain  and the roman catholic church led to Father James Chesney being spirited across the border into Eire. He was implicated in the death of NINE innocent people. Additionally 30 people were injured when three car bombs shattered the tranquillity of the village of Claudy, Co Londonderry, in July 1972. Pedophiles, Terrorists – is their no end to the depths  these evil scum will sink?????  


3 thoughts on “the devils disciples

  1. RE: david cameron… I cant understand how anybody can defend this shower of liers. The tories haven\’t got what they voted for, the lib dem\’s haven\’t got what they voted for. The whole lot is a bloody mess and the voter is being expected to pay! I hope both are punished severly when this coalition collapses

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