If your date orders a black coffee.These basic cuppa types tend to be responsible, ambitious, and aggressive. Fiercely independent, these individuals require you to work at coaxing out their romantic side in a relationship.
Most compatible with: Chai tea latte drinkers

If your date orders a café au lait. Café au lait drinkers are veeery laid back. These tradition-seekers also find comfort in typical male/female courting roles (i.e., the man gets the bill and opens the door).
Most compatible with: Mocha-flavoured coffee drinkers

If your date orders a mocha-flavoured coffee… Mocha-flavored coffee drinkers are universal romantics who love to be in love. Keep in mind, though, that they can be moody and aren’t the most reliable bunch. Still, they can more than make up for it with their wonderful lovey-dovey gestures.
Most compatible with: Everyone!

If your date orders an iced mocha… These spontaneous, seductive flirts make very captivating. But if a long-term relationship is what you seek, keep in mind that their idea of “future” is probably five minutes from now.
Most compatible with: Other iced mocha drinkers

If your date orders a chai tea latte… Often stressed and anxious, chai tea latte drinkers tend to be shy in relationships. So know that the first move might have to be yours for the making.
Most compatible with: Black coffee drinkers.

If your date orders a coffee-based Frappuccino… Loaded with ambition, these energetic optimists give their all to everything—including dating. The only downside: They’re often guilty of over-committing themselves, and appreciate a level-headed partner who’ll remind them when to put on the brakes.
Most compatible with: Café au lait drinkers

If your date orders a tea/fruit-based Frappuccino… These non-coffee Frappuccino drinkers are more often followers than leaders. Relationship-wise, this translates to an incredibly supportive partner who approaches life, love and work in a serious and thoughtful way.
Most compatible with: Iced mocha drinkers


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