January 2010

Minutes to midnight and I open the lounge curtains in readiness for the anticipated fireworks. I pour myself a large tot of whisky; no one is here to supervise the size of the bevy! An early morning – watch the Straus Waltzes from Vienna. [No music with this discourse even the bloody header has vanished]. Picked Nic and Alex up from the local railway station. Blizzards are moving south from Scotland. Cooked a belated christmas dinner. They returned to Jorvik ahead of the first big freeze of the New Year. While putting the christmas tree and decorations back into the loft the tree fell and almost knocked me off the stepladders, which stand at the top of the stairwell! Major earthquake in Haiti.

My Monday trips to the brewery capital of England continue, as does the snow and frost. Planning holiday to Spain and Portugal, same tour itinerary that was cancelled 2 years ago. Manchester United win the League Cup Final. Financial chaos continues in the world thanks to American economic failures.

Broadband connection problems which are not helped by the call centre’s staff’s inability to speak English clearly. My preferred Supermarket is undergoing major reconstruction. The colder than usual winter has killed several plants in my garden. Need a plan to change what I have where!!

Trip to York where I stayed at Exhibition Hotel a midweek trip to enable me to sample their steak and curry nights. Had a Jorvik, ‘Chinese hotpot’ which was tasty if a tad expensive. Chelsea on the way to win Premier league after they ‘win’ 2.1 Old Trafford, following an obvious offside which only the ref and his linesman missed! To compound efforts to stop United winning a record 4th consecutive title Liverpool miss an open goal then within 2 minutes give a back pass to a Chelsea forward who seals 2.0 win. Without a creative player in midfield United will continue to struggle.
Oil rig explodes killing several workers. Escaping oil polluted Gulf of Mexico, adding to 100 years of pollution from American industries habit of dumping toxic waste into Mississippi catchment area. The American operator experienced a similar disregard for safety, only months previous to this one, on a rig off British waters. Fortunately there was no loss of life or major oil spill.
One ponders if the grunge in the gulf has affected the flow of the Gulf Stream thus causing the coldest December here in centuries. Eruptions of Icelandic volcano Eeyjafjallajökull cause major disruption in western European airspace. Airports closed for days.

A General Election is called and we enter a new era in politics. Britain has a coalition government. The result questions the basis of democracy. We vote on a party’s manifesto or more correctly we vote against the manifesto most likely to harm our personal beliefs and circumstances. 40% of the electorate didn’t bother to cast a vote which in some parts of the world must seem like a dereliction of a basic human right. 90% of the rest of us have a government which NONE would have voted for had we known the outcome of the election. This puts us alongside many nations where 10% of power controls the other powerless 90%!

Best left blank methinks. The bad news in no particular order is that my computer/broadband and now the landline continue to play up. My holiday is cancelled by illness just 24 hours before departure. England was thrashed 4.1 by Germany in the Sth African world cup. For the 3rd time in 10 years I decide not to emigrate. On the up side I have a meal with a friend and Alex and Nic visit for a few days. We visit Ashby Castle and Twycross Zoo. My car passes its annual road worthiness test. Oh, discovered I hate vuvuzalas !!

Spain beat a poor Dutch side 1.0 in world cup final. The IP changes the box thing and all the last 3 months problems disappear which is what I asked the idiot in March to organise!! No more holidays planned so having garden path relayed as well as reducing monthly outgoings.

Went to the Yard, on my birthday, for a Sunday lunch of roast beef ‘n yorkshire pudding carrots, peas roast potato’s followed by treacle pudding! Garden path and other garden ‘improvements’ finished. Washed down kitchen walls on a rare sunny day! Paint chips on one wall and so the painting saga begins. Three weeks later I have decorated 3 rooms!

My 3 year old monitor has to be replaced and following the recent decorations I buy a new computer desk, ridding myself of a 3rd hand, metal desk. Nic and Alex visit for a couple of days – it rained the whole time! Think we all finish up with colds!

Begin to increase time on Family History Research mainly encouraged by a break through with great Aunt Clara. Msn revamping there services. I cannot believe anyone actually likes this latest change, apparently some do! We have had no summer to speak of. Even my heating has been cutting in and we are still in autumn.

The diary is almost empty as I take part in a worldwide writing competition to complete 50,000 words between 01.11 and 30.11. I succeeded see blogs if you can find them. An exhilarating experience!


Posted Christmas cards later than usual. The snow still lies on the ground and it is COLD below freezing many days and reaches -15 C overnight. The north of England and Scotland has it worst and I begin to worry about my Christmas dinner arriving before the New Year! Consequently I am not fully prepared when christmas finally arrives – I enjoy the meal followed by Dr Who – I may have to watch it again as I fell asleep midway through and only saw the final 5 minutes. The snow was on the ground Christmas day but does not go down as a ‘white christmas’ apparently the white stuff has to actually fall on dec25. The forecasts for the next week or two are grim so Nic won’t be here in early January. Has the Gulf Stream really switched off? New Years Eve and it is cold and icy as my new next door neighbours are busy launching firebombs [Chinese Lanterns] into the frosty sky. I just hope none get tangled in the telephone lines. I tune my TV into Jools Holland show, and toast my friends with a large glass of special malt in a ‘Glencairn whisky glass.’ They forecast more bad weather to come. . . . .
no accompaning pictures or music – I tried that last time and it has  all disappeared …


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  1. Happy New Year, my old friend! Glad you popped up again. I was so worried about losing my precious friends on Windows Live Space…

  2. Interesting to hear about your year – lots of soccer and bad weather! I hope you do get to go on a holiday this year.

    • lol – I shall save ashes comments for the next annual report..
      however before I forget what is an australian called holding a bottle of champagne? – A waiter!
      what is an australian called holding a catch? – A fisherman!
      hey ho reminds me celebrating world cup 2003 – Australia 17 – 20 England !!

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