The EU Parliament wanted strict labels to be slapped on meat from offspring of clones, opponents led by GB argued it would lead to a “full-blown trade war” with USA – BRING IT ON!

The campaign to put controls on cloned meat and milk was killed off yesterday by the UK GOVERNMENT. Caroline Spelman, Tory food and farming minister, led the moves in Brussels to sabotage attempts to regulate or mark food from clones and their descendants, despite a PROMISE in tory 2009 manifesto to oppose such moves. The US pollutes food with GM additives and cloned by products and then wonder why their children become sick.

Many folk complain about Brussel interfering with our laws here in Britain but when the European Community puts the people before politics, the Clegg/ Cameron tryst shows total contempt for ALL the people who voted in our last election. Power to the people – who believes them any more?

The move at the behest of the american food companies signals the start of a free-for-all in ‘Frankenfood’ technology which is cruel and unethical.


3 thoughts on “FOOD POISONING.

  1. I’m not a member of the conservative or any other political party. But I am not convinced by your argument against the descendants of cloned animals. From what I have read – and it is a fair amount – there is no research to support the view that food from cloned animals is any different from that of non-cloned animals.

    And I am certain that there is no evidence that American children are less healthy than their European counterparts, let alone research indicating that any health differences are due to eating either cloned or GM foods. I do believe, however, that livestock in America is over-fed on corn feed, and that corn-products from breakfast cereals to biscuits, chips and cooking oils occupy an unhealthy proportion of many American diets, and is probably a signficant contributor to the obesity epidemic — coming to be shared, unfortunately, by the British population.

    The question of GM plants, I think, is much more complex. I am concerned that insufficient attention is being paid to preventing GM plants from developing weed-like characteristics that we will not be able to control.

    On the other hand, I know that grains which have been developed to use less water and to produce a higher yield per hectare have been the difference between starvation and health in many poor countries.

    It’s easier to say that this issue is black and white, but I think we might do a great deal of damage by not appreciating that it is actually many tones of grey. Scientists say that the human population is going to continue to expand for another 40 years from 6 to 9 billion. That is a 50% increase. But water and arable land is not going to increase. I think finding ways to feed so many more people is a solvable problem. But it isn’t on that will solve itself automatically.

    I suspect calling the food of the descendants of cloned animals “poison” isn’t going to help.

    I’m open to an argument, though!

  2. I was merely pointing out that a political party had renaged on a manifesto pledge.
    In the 1980’s we were told it was ok to eat meat derived from animals who had been fed dead animal and bird carcasses. A government minister famously fed a beefburger to his daughter , live on TV. I hope she has forgiven him! Whilst I understand the principle of improving plant and animal stock naturally over millenia I think eating cloned animals is a retrograde step – poisoning is not too strong a word especially if one has contracted CJD ! Multi national corporations are putting profit before welfare. Welfare of both animals and consumers.

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