Time really does fly the older one gets. It is a week since I visited family in York, staying at the Churchill Hotel.


Friday last I visited The Art Gallery and the Yorkshire Museum, the latter especially to see the “Middlesbrough Meterorite” sadly it was still in Teeside but expected within the month! I suppose seeing as it took 4 Billion years to arrive on our planet I should nt really complain about it being a week late on its journey to the museum in York !!


Saturday Nic and Alex took me to the National Railway Museum here are a few snaps:

This is Alex on the slide in the children’s playcentre @ the National Railway Museum – resplendent with his new hearing aid ‘aliceband’

An engine British made for China Railways – now redundant like most steam engines !!

                                      Finally Nic with Alex:

We then had a look at the revamped Jorvik Centre a little bit of dumbing down methinks!!

They then took me to Clifford’s Tower, all that remains of York Castle.

The climb to the top is not recommended for folk like moi who suffer from vertigo !! Alex waved down at me!!

Later that evening we all dined at a local Italian Bistro.. …. and I was kept awake back at the hotel by a wedding party with several guests from France.

I had a pleasant trip back home on relatively quiet motorways, did some shopping and then treated myself to a chinese takeaway – ‘Duck, Sichuan style’ certainly not as hot as the authentic dish..!!

This weekend will be quiet by comparison !


4 thoughts on “JORVIK WEEKEND

  1. What a casual weekend retreat! Especially that takeaway for yourself, methink! lol

    That steam locomotive (?) looks handsome, solid! I bet Chinks then must be very much thrilled with its power! lol

    • Yes British engineering was indeed Great. Steam locomotives have far more character than diesels but sadly the short sightedness of our politicians will never allow Bullit Trains to run north of london !!
      York is my second favourite city in our country.. ! Most sensible folk escape our capital and see the REAL England. York is the second most visited place here!! The hotel is a 5 minute walk into the centre so very convenient.
      Oh my Frank – you could be arrested here for using a racist remark – chinks indeed !!
      LOL 🙂

  2. How is Alex enjoying his improved hearing….? Im sure we who are lucky to have hearing cant even imagine what his world of hearing is like.
    I do love the picture of the steam locomotive.
    Take care and welcome back

    • Hopefully his speech will now improve – he begins school in September. He dislikes the radio – he cannot understand where the sound is – no pictures !!
      Looks like we can look forward to sunny and warm weather over the holiday period.

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