There are times when I despair . . . .

Two pieces of totally useless information which you may not be aware of:

1. The real operating system hiding under the newest version of the Macintosh operating system (MacOS X) is called… Darwin! That’s right, new Macs are based on Darwinism! While they currently don’t advertise this fact to consumers, it is well known among the computer elite, who are mostly Atheists and Pagans. Furthermore, the Darwin OS is released under an “Open Source” license, which is just another name for Communism. They try to hide all of this under a facade of shiny, “lickable” buttons, but the truth has finally come out: Apple Computers promote Godless Darwinism and Communism.

2. In case you hadn’t heard, Judgment Day is pencilled in for Saturday, 21 May. Well that is according to the 90 year old crank Harold Camping, the 89-year-old founder of Family Radio. Any Christians among you who hadn’t made provision for your pets’ wellbeing after the Rapture had better pull your fingers out before you take your place at God’s right hand and your poor moggy is left stuck here on Earth staring at an empty bowl. You may find the $135.00 per pet rescue fee steep, but it’s actually a bit of a bargain if you live in Idaho, Montana, New Hampshire or Vermont, where experienced atheists will take charge of your stranded llama or camel. How do you ensure your representatives won’t be Raptured?” – Actually, this brainless cult has representatives [!] who have stated in writing that they are atheists, do not believe in God/Jesus, and that they have blasphemed in accordance with Mark 3:29*, negating any chance of salvation. Who is taking whom for a ride?

I wondered when, if ever, I would be tempted to use this sign:

 today seems an appropriate day .. … …..


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  1. Arrgggh!

    Apart from that, I am speechless. And it’s the country where I grew up!

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