07.06.2011 or 7th June 2011

US President Barack Obama  warned Europe’s debt crisis must not destabilize the global economy, as he laid on an effusive White House welcome for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Obama and Merkel had extensive talks about the plight of debt-stricken Greece, which needs a second huge financial bailout, despite some reluctance from some eurozone members to stump up fresh funds.

What a bloody two faced hypocrite. He is the leader of a country that created the banking crisis. He is the leader of a country whose loan sharks, [goldman sachs  if I recall],  illegally, “sold” Greece $billions of worthless credit bonds – HIS COUNTRY DESTABILISED THE EURO.  His country attacks other currencies – why? Because the american teabagging electorate WILL NOT PAY MORE TAXES. He expects European pensioners to stump up hard earned savings to stop Obama  filing for bankruptcy. Per head of the population the Greeks owe the world banks LESS than the citizens of the US of A !!!

If you think this is a Middle Englander moaning then consider this article:

April 21st New York Times: reporting on the current pessimistic mood of the usa – a mood certainly not without merit.
Among the highlights, some of which can be found in the article, affecting how
people feel:

Unrestrained  energy prices are affecting every sector and rising gas prices are just    the tip of the iceberg.

Rising national debt; High  unemployment; Involvement in yet another overseas conflict – Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya. All paid for in dollars AND LIVES

Lack of political leadership to hold themselves and each other accountable to  do that which they’ve been elected to do, like:

Cut spending and seriously address the country’s debt problems without political posturing.

Raise taxes on wealthy

Reduce tax breaks for businesses [ Subsidies / nationalisation ]

Tax businesses using off-shore locations to escape paying ANY taxes

Simplify the nation’s tax code and eliminate loopholes which only the rich can afford to exploit.

Seek out term limits which would:

Help bring in new blood and curb influential lobbyists

Stop scapegoating public employees such as policemen, firemen, and   teachers.


Addressing the damage banks did when it came to stoking up the financial crisis?
Reigning in bonuses for those responsible for the mortgage  collapse and other questionable profit raising moves?

Are Americans hopeful or pessimistic when it comes to their nation’s future? Things can only get worse after Nov. 2012.


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    • “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Bauer] (1744 -1812), Godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe

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