This afternoon,  giving myself a rest from the computer, I was taking advantage of some rare sunshine and weeding and tidying the garden.  I prepared my evening meal of chicken breast bashed a few times with a rolling pin and then dredged first in flour then beaten egg and finally bread crumbs. I harvested enough beans and peas from the garden and while they boiled I fried the chicken in a spoonful of sunflower oil.  The vegetables were from plants to plate in less than one hour. My outdoor table was prepared and for the first time this year I began to eat the meal. Halfway through it began raining so I retreated to the house and finished my meal at the kitchen table. Middle England awaits summer!!

I had planned at the end of the outdoor meal to complete Daphne du Maurier’s ‘Jamaica Inn’ while enjoying a pot of chrysanthemum tea. Instead I have fired up the computer and am preparing to add to the 5,000 words or so that I have added to my novel in the last four days. This rate almost equalling my November 30 day ‘Write in’! though I must add with slightly less encouragement.

I shall be abandoning the computer at the end of the month when I shall be embarking on another travel odyssey. However more of that nearer the time … .. Now where had I got to. .. … Ahhh yes

“Having finished his task, he was sat with his Mother, in the warmth of the kitchen , sharing a warm drink of honey and water .. .. …. “