Palestine will dominate the United Nations General Assembly this week, and the issue specifically under consideration is whether it should be recognised as a state.

Why not? it has been a geographical and historic entity far longer than all European nations. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Turks and now israel have occupied it for over 3,000 years. In 1948 it was partitioned by – the United Nations. The principles enshrined in the Balfour Declaration were never implemented by the World authority. Instead a group of refugees was created and the world turned a blind eye until 1967 when the lines of partition were reshaped by Israel, solely to its own advantage.

Giving Statehood to the several millions of refugees and bringing them into the fold of the United Nations will ensure that it can be held accountable for acts of terrorism, piracy and other warlike activities of its more radical citizens.

That assumes of course that Israel and the USA will act with equal consideration  to bring peace to the area.



2 thoughts on “A VOTE FOR SANITY

  1. Very true : Palestine has a right to be recognized as a State.

    It has been an excessively long time problem of this jig-jaw puzzle. The two pieces need be trimmed expertly to fit into one another, but the surfaces of the two pieces still cannot / will not match !

    Though Palestine may be recognized as a State, it appears to me that the UN must be kept in-between eternally to keep this spot quiet, otherwise the problem naturally remains.

    There are too many “Needs and Self Interest” !

    Both People need natural expansion and there is no room !

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