The eurozone debt crisis has deepened as Germany, France and 13 other members of the single currency face having their credit ratings downgraded by the American  rating agency Standard & Poor’s.

What right has this collection of failed accountants and economists, at the very heart of the vipers nest of the world’s financial crisis, have to dictate to European leaders?

The company that sat back watching the American loans crisis escalate. They burst the real estate bubble that triggered the 2008 recession. They contaminated banks worldwide.

The company that ignores the refusal of  Washington ‘politicians’ to introduce swingeing spending cuts on the American economy, yet insists the European currency, and with it the political stability, disintegrate?

It really is time to wake up Europe. This is an attack on our future. Not from the Russians or Chinese, not from distorted communist doctrines but from the home of corporate  greed. Our late ally.


3 thoughts on “DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS ?

  1. I observe with interest the processes taking place world-wide. When you start patching the bits together, it seems like a concerted effort is afoot to bring the vast majority of people throughout the world to their knees, serving upon them one crisis after another…the question is why and what is the bigger picture.

  2. I take your point. I also agree with Delois that the euro was introduced by politicians who failed in the first place to implement the basic requirements needed to make a single currency work in the long run.

    But my question now is not who is to blame as much as what would you have Europe do at this point? Anger at the U.S., or at Germany which I have read being expressed by some, or at Greece or Italy for their profligacy can all be justified. But that does not in itself solve the problem.

    What do you think Europe should do now? Deciding who to blame for creating the problem in the first place might be a first step but doesn’t go far enough.

  3. Well said Laird.
    The way I see it is, Many predators “wound” their pray, before administering the coup-de-grass. More so the pray that has the ability to inflict injury. We are all at the mercy of the most vicious predator the world has ever seen. To me “that” is the bigger picture !

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