If anyone needed more evidence that America is ruled by big business then consider this. I note that the US Congress is considering legislation that could “fatally damage the free and open Internet”. For 24 hours, ‘to raise awareness’ Wikipedia has closed down. Wow. Big business opposes ‘the people’ the right to use the internet.
Let us get real, it is a ridiculous argument about danger to the Internet. I would accept limited targeted censorship if Google, MSN and others blocked porn and freed up 30% + of the internet.


3 thoughts on “MAMMON RULZZZZZZ

  1. I wish I didn’t agree with you so wholeheartedly on this issue. At least I wish I could see some positive side to this bill before the U.S. Senate. But it doesn’t seem to me to be aimed at greater security or less porn. From what I have read – which is not the entire bill – its sole purpose is to protect big business. The fact that Rupert Murdoch is tweeting in favour of the bill adds weight to my worst suspicions.

    I’m writing to my senator as well as joining WordPress in its protest.

    • At least you have an elected member of the senate. In common with 99% of the world I have no such voice yet am subject to the whims of the american legislature. It takes little imagination to understand why the British Empire became unpopular !!

  2. Dear Laird,

    You may be as happy as I am to know that the various internet strikes today against the internet law currently before Congress has greatly weakened Congressional support for the law. Since Obama is also opposed to the law, I think it unlikely to pass.

    One small step… Or perhaps a breath of Arab spring air.

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