Satellite broadcasters in China are cutting talent shows and dating programmes in a government crackdown on “excessive” entertainment TV, according to reports. State news agency Xinhua said prime time entertainment programmes had been cut by more than two-thirds. Satellite channels have started to broadcast programmes that promote traditional virtues and core values. The move targets what Chinese regulators have called “a trend toward low taste”.

Meanwhile authorities in the United Kingdom have revoked the broadcasting license for Press TV, an English-language international news network based in Iran. The move exposes the facade of freedom of speech in supposedly democratic western countries and further reveals the class nature of the right to expression. Networks like Press TV play a positive role in the modern world. By airing counter-western criticism in a broad manner and challenging the narrative presented by United States networks, they open the door for much more radical critiques to be acknowledged and legitimized. Thus, the ability of Press TV to have equal programming rights in countries such as the UK is something all revolutionaries should defend. The UK’s ruling against Al Jazeera, which goes against their own rhetoric on “freedom of speech,” must be condemned by all those who wish to build global democracy and a world without oppression.



  1. Right! Thanks for this. We don’t like to hear views that disagree with our own. It’s unsettling for all our convictions that we know best.

    My own strong preference is to support an equal “right of reply,” rather than to not let the view be heard at all. As a graduate student, I defended the right of a Harvard psychologist to give a talk presenting evidence that he said showed that Blacks were genetically less intelligent than Whites. I disagreed wholeheartedly with that position, but I thought — and still do — that bringing the research results out into the open would do a lot more to undermine this position than refusing to let it be heard. It took me several years to figure out just where the fallacies were in his conclusions. But it couldn’t have been done at all if he’s been “taken off the air.”

    • It is not so much the removal of the political and religious lies that concerns me but the ill informed and prejudiced views of people who stoke up insurrections in lands they cannot find on a world map. The very ones who are surprised about the result of the Egyptian elections. Democracy it seems is voting for the preferred choice of one or two members of the UN.

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