Apparently religious people donate more than twice as much money to charity as the rest of the population [£576 over the previous 12 months, compared to the £235] a recent  study by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) found.

This should come as no surprise for while ‘charity begins at home’ some people apparently have too much, they want for nothing that money can buy. They placate a ‘social conscience.’ The working population, apart from financiers and accountants, continue to pay taxes to the government who have a final say on who receives that contribution. What I have left is mine. Probably to enable ‘carers’ to tend me in really old age.

Unlike many of my ancestors I am too old to be sent to spill my blood on foreign fields on the latest ‘Crusade’. In the countries latest census almost 75% of the population label themselves as ‘christians’ yet less than a third of that number actually attend regular services. The nation’s churches, built by wealthy Landowners and 17th century Industrialists to ensure easier access to ‘heaven’, by competing as to who was to be buried nearest the altar, are decaying and being demolished. The place of my baptism is now a redeveloped appartment block not for the poor of the community you understand but for the nouveau rich of the nearby City. A community with a higher than average rate of unemployment where crime is endemic and the only source of income.

We have politicians who continue to use sticking plaster to end the woes of a terminally stricken ship of state. The rich already have seats reserved in the lifeboats but the rest of us will be left to our own devices as were the passengers on the ‘Costa Concordia’ ! Successive officers of state have allowed a continuous degredation of the very fabric of the national ‘ship.’ The welfare of the crew was made universal instead of solely applying to those who contributed to the daily operations of the nation. 300 years of fuel reserves were ignored and the proceeds from North sea oil paid to maintain a three Million strong dole queue. ‘Charity’ from the taxpayer never paid for the destruction of hundreds of communities.  The engines of industy were destroyed in the 1980’s.  What little was left was sold off to foreign speculators in the 1990’s. Indeed were it an actual ship floating aimlessly between Europe and the America’s the Union Jack would be not be seen flying from the stern.

Giving cash to whatsoever  charity is flavour of the month will not assuage the sorrow I have for my generation not fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of the men and women who died for my right to place my thoughts here. Neither will it gain my admittance to a mythical land of milk and honey. The British Empire of Queen Victoria, with all of its imperfections, is the nearest I or my ancestors will get to ‘Utopia’. Indeed we should have learnt from the Roman’s and forseen and ‘insured’ against our demise at the hands of the barbarians.  It is time to stop giving and begin to accept the charity of other’s. Time to begin what I think it is called ‘downsizing’  before the ship of state finally sinks with the loss of ‘all hands.’


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  1. Well, what could I say about the problems we all have? the Bristish Empire may no long be there, demise? I don’t think so, only if you think in relative terms. I only wish I could tell you how I feel about the “future” of this “rising” power I happen to live in! Two words: No Future! probably I should add another word: absolutely!

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