A group of American “civil right activists” have kidnapped a Chinese citizen in his own country and taken him to their embassy in Beijing where they anticipate him seeking political asylum. Once again we see the arrogance of the USA in action. The more the will of the new regime in China is  questioned then history tells us the more they will act in defence of their nation. The ignorance of the consequence of this action will not help the flower of democracy to flower it may well crush it!

Not content with kidnapping torturing and imprisoning people who do not conform to that countries warped idea of justice they have now created a precedent for the invasion of another sovereign state; with the sole object of kidnapping a citizen of that state. Is it not time for the rest of the world to say enough is enough and call on Americans to stop treating the planet like the lawless 19th century wild west?



  1. I assume you are referring to Chen Guangcheng, the blind activist who is now purportedly in the U.S. Beijing Embassy? While I share your view that the U.S. has often done a great deal to derail democratic change in other countries, I have not read anywhere that Mr. Chen was kidnapped, as opposed to having voluntarily escaped possibly with the aid of his brother. Actually, my understanding is that this development is rather awkward for American diplomatic relations with China at the moment and they would have preferred that it had not happened just now.

    Could you direct me to your source? I’d be more than interested to read more.

    Thank you. Terry Sissons

  2. Thank you for your comment. As with the unusual use of the word ‘rendition’ kidnapped can be used to describe his removable by deception to his ‘safe haven.’ Action which no doubt has put the lives of Mr Chen and his immediate family in jeopardy. While supporting open government both here and elswhere I will never support ill thought out covert operations which endanger the lives of people who are in the midst of the struggle. The original online item has been updated with, as you mention, the full political ramifications of the action. I must practice what I preach and try not to ‘shoot from the hip in future’.

  3. Hi Laird,

    The USA likes to police the World for many reasons. They also like to scratch the backside of Hell They have not yet realized that they often go against Mother Nature.

    Hope you still remember that in a MSN Blog, I wrote that Mother Nature has and is still producing Natural Calamities to kill Humans, still producing Murderers, Dictators etc to kill Humans. I think it is a way for Mother Nature to reduce the number of Humans that multiples exponentialy !

    In Countries where the people are fighting one another, their own people, let the Wolves devour themselves. Mother Nature wants it this way ! This is a personal opinion as I firmly believe that there are too many people on this Earth.

    Around 1955, my Island had about 400,000 Souls. Today 2012, we are over 1,300,000. The island is still about 720 square miles since centuries !

    Medical Science is giving us a life Bonus of 15 to 25 years ! Oh God ! Who will take care of the Erderly ?

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