Words ‘Olympic’, ‘Olympiad’ and ‘Olympian’Olympic rings, Team GB and British Olympic Association logo Words ‘London 2012’, London’s bid logo and derivatives of

The 2012 Games logo and mascots , Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius/Faster, Higher, Stronger,The British Paralympic Association and team logos.

Other banned words include games, medals, gold, silver, bronze, 2012, sponsor, summer.

Ticket touting and sale of unofficial merchandise will be illegal – nothing new there then, but it never works.

 “Blatant ambush marketing has to be prevented but there are already laws in existence to prevent that. “This is new legislation gives the event holder unparalleled power. Why should the IOC have the monopoly on the terms ‘London, 2012, summer, gold, silver and bronze’?

Businesses, and we the taxpayers in particular, are paying for these LONDON 2012 Games but in the worse recession in my memory, Corporate Britian is being deprived of benefiting from them because they will basically have to pretend they are not happening. Therefore instead of drinking chemical colored water – drink 2012 natural cordials or even a glass of VIMTO! Fancy something stronger? Instead of insipid fizzy lager, Go for GOLD in LONDON 2012 and sample REAL ALE from Fullers and Marstons [+ beers from dozens of other micro breweries.]

So in the virtual non existant private security of the country I may read a book about the true meaning of the OLYMPICS and scorn the corporate takeover of yet another world festival. All we need next is [Beijing style] cloud seeding will keep London clear of rain – which will then fall on the rest of us!

So I will pretend they are not happening. Happy August !