Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies is a potential threat to national security according to a recent report from an American congressional committee. It must be in possession of some damning evidence but then America invaded Iraq on erroneous misinformation and the lust for an election winning war. Sadly I note that Australia is following American trade protection agendas since it refused a tender [From the leader in this area of expertise] for the latest G4 [?] Mobile phone technology.

To prevent Huawei, that is on track to become the world’s biggest telecommunications equipment maker, as a potential agent for a government, from supplying parts of a major piece of our public infrastructure reeks of Cold War conspiracy theories at a time when the Chinese company is leading European, Japanese and US rivals.

The American government is also objecting to the merger of two European aerospace giants merely because it will be in meaningful competition with its own aerospace and defense giant, Boeing. Already two major promises from the Middle East, to buy the Euro Airbus have been cancelled and contracts given to Boeing as a result of political pressure from Washington. Invesco Perpetual, part of the American AMVESCAP PLC group and BAE’s largest shareholder, has said it has “significant reservations” over the proposed merger with European aerospace giant EADS. Obviously major shareholdings, foreign contractors, Cartels and Monopolies are only ‘allowed’ if they spawn from north american soil.

In a country that led the world in every possible technological breakthrough for 200 years it comes as no surprise that another usurper to that title is emerging in the east. It should be seen as a challenge NOT a threat. What Washington accuses China of, is exactly how American and Japanese industry vied for the lofty but precarious perch of No. 1 in the post war decades of the last century.

Europe should be totally independent of both Chinese and American influence otherwise it will again become the arsenal and playground of the world’s largest protagonists.



2 thoughts on “HUAWEI WHY?

  1. Based on that business model a lot of third worls companies should be making immediate major protest over a number of American companies then!
    America has always been the playground bully of nations, every year they become more obviously so, clearly it is high time we and Europe stopped siding with them and left them to stand alone in their corner of that playground and contemplate their actions.
    Time also I think to abandon the Euro. Though that said I believe there would still be a case for many aspects of a unified Europe, just not a unified monetary system.

    • Agree with your initial sentiments, however I think we should get serious about being Europeans before France and Germany tire of our less than half hearted membership & boot us out of our largest export market.
      I would like to think the euro succeeds as an important world currency [with or without GB] where sterling failed in the last century. I will not be holding my breath !

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