As we mature into the teenage years we begin to realise that our elders are liars. We discover that the tooth fairy is a figment of their imaginations. Santa Claus, we eventually realise, is the front man of a worldwide commercial mafia. His image, with the collusion of parents, has created ‘peer pressure.’ Little Simon/Simone are urged by TV, and now, internet advertisements to create the demand for parents to spend plastic money on gifts they cannot afford and which by the following autumn, are either redundant or discarded. The loan does not disappear so easily. We also notice when at school that certain classmates know little about Christmas but are, like us, indoctrinated into various forms of religious worship. I was, for example, made a Christian by a formal ceremony several weeks earlier than had I been born into the ruling class and signed up for Winchester and Harrow.

In fact as we grow into adulthood we will, if we allow it, be sucked into reappraising just about everything we were taught in the cradle. Once we see through the smoke and mirrors why should my basic beliefs change? Life, no matter our circumstance, is the most precious part of our existence. If we are deprived of life by an act of malice then the perpetrator forfeits their own. That rule has existed, in one form or another, since the dawn of time.

From late teenage for probably the rest of our time we become paganistically tribal when it comes to sport. We saw that at the Olympiad and witness it at most all sport stadia throughout the world on a continuous basis. We all have our heroes, some we ‘worship’ others we detest for reasons lost in time. Television radio and records have created the cult of Personality. Elvis, The Stones , Queen the Monkey’s and Jimmy Savile.

Often the people who create the images of our heroes are, like the men and women in the spotlight, blinded by the fame and fortune that accompanies the hero worship. I am of an age where not much surprises me anymore. The fact that raking up a personalities past life, when he is not in a position to answer the charges, is regrettable. What is NOT forgivable is that many people covered up the alleged crimes for over 40 years!

They are accessories and if still alive, should be brought to book and pay the price for denying justice for this perverted man’s victims.


One thought on “WHO FIXED IT FOR JIM?

  1. It seems to me that the kind of anger you are expressing – justified as it is – isn’t enough. If we want these abuses to stop, we need to understand more fully why they happen in the first place, and then so often covered up. Otherwise history will continue to repeat itself, perhaps even at an exponential rate.

    Blaming our human sinfulness, inherent selfishness, or resident evil impresses me as a bankrupt explanation. As for methods of control, an eye-for-an-eye, the rule that you point out has existed in one form or another since the dawn of time clearly isn’t working well enough. Though, admittedly, you might argue that we are going blind. Threats of eternal punishment (or even punishment in this world) don’t work nearly as often as we need them to work if we are not going to make human life impossible for all of us.

    I doubt there is one grand answer – why people abuse each other, why nations each want to be at the top of the pack, why we descend into tribal paganism. Nor is there one grand solution. In my old age, I only cling to the hope that we each may do just a little more good than we do harm, that l manage in my lifetime to express just a little bit more love and respect and altruism than selfishness and insensitivity. Not sure that the balance is yet wholly in my favor.

    Thank you, btw, for some great posts.

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