Frozen in time: Lynx bury models’ DNA

Fearing the Mayan’s prediction may come true and the world will end on 21 December, Lynx have taken swabs of DNA from some of the world’s hottest women to ensure their beauty lives on.

Frozen in time: Lynx bury models' DNA (© Lynx/Rex Features)

Swabs of DNA from Jane Clement, Lucy Pinder and Stina Sanders have been stored in a time capsule, which will be buried at a secure location.

Although the location has only been revealed to a few it is rumoured to be the small village of Bugarach, in France, named by the Mayans as the only place on Earth that will survive the apocalypse they’ve predicted.

To see if she has what it takes to be preserved model Katie K agreed to be “frozen” by Lynx to test out their pre-apocalyptic preservation capsule. The model’s DNA will also be added to the time capsule as Lynx continue their quest to save the hottest girls before the end of the world.

Lynx brand manager Mark Aschmann said: “Lynx wants to ensure that, should the world end on the 21st December 2012, the hottest girls in the brands’ history live on. By preserving these girls, we’ve ensured that future guys can count on the Lynx Effect to help them rediscover the most gorgeous girls on the plant.”