A Devastating Loss

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samar Samar AlHallaq 1985-2014

We learned last night that Samar AlHallaq, our assistant coordinator in Gaza was killed, along with her two young sons aged four and five, by Israeli bombing in Shija’yah.  She was carrying her third child.

Her husband Hassan is critically ill in hospital.  Several other members of their family were killed in the same attack.

We are heartbroken beyond belief.

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One thought on “A Devastating Loss

  1. I know – my thoughts are the same. I do not have any ideas about how to stop it except to express my opposition to our governments for their unequivocal support of Israel. And to let those Palestinians whom I know that there are some of us at least – even some of us who have a Jewish background – who believe that what is happening is a betrayal of all the values we have lived, and others have died, for.

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