I have listened to people with no view and people with many views. I question the reasoning of many. Particularly those thousands who after months of reminders decided to apply on line to be placed on the electoral register 10 minutes before the deadline. Why I ponder did they not register at the time of the recent local elections? Why were they surprised when the computer programme failed?
I remember the lack of investment in our manufacturing industries after WW2. Not forgetting the vagaries of a 25% tax on ALL our purchases and higher still Income Tax. We had to endure a decade of ‘Stop. Go’ economic’ policies of the 50’s and early 60’s. We even had a Tory Prime Minster who ‘did his sums with matchsticks’ thus he thought, compensated for his lack of financial and economic knowledge. Once Douglas-Home was discarded we suffered from attacks on our currency and investments from the “Gnomes of Zurich.”
I remember the debates before we finally joined the Treaty of Rome. Politicians from all political parties then were more honest and knowledgeable than today’s bunch of expense chasing losers. I have listened to George Osbourne, Britain’s Chancellor, and the Prime Minister but not heard much from Jeremy Corbyn who is apparently the Labour leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition. Dennis Skinner at 80+ is more of a firebrand who is not bespoke to speaking the ‘party’ line. Corbyn seems not to know what the policy is, despite the fact HE should be writing it.
Mr Michael Gove was recently sacked from ministerial office. The National Association of Head Teachers, condemned him for ‘the climate of bullying, fear and intimidation’ they said he had created, during his time as Education Secretary. Mr Gove is a spokesman for the, “Get us outta Europe” campaign. He said earlier this week, “I’m not interested in defending the position of those who already have money, power and privilege.’ He continued by actually condemning the European Union as “A job-destroying machine run by sneering elites, and said the EU “is a market rigged in favour of the rich and stacked against the poor.”
His inference is that it is acceptable for the people of Britain to be fleeced by the British aristocracy and their cohorts but not by anyone else, especially Europeans. Basically he wants all the ‘rewards’ for himself and his Tory cronies who will then carve up the wealth of the nation between themselves.
The British establishment clearly supports destroying the environment. Barclay’s Bank for example is giving financial backing to foreign companies in their wonton destruction of OUR countryside The imposition of fracking against growing public opposition is today’s example of the ‘pan calling the kettle black.’ There is no social licence for fracking in Ryedale, North Yorkshire. 99.2% of inhabitants said NO, to Fracking in the area. Whatever happened to democracy in the home of Magna Carta?  One hazard is the potential contamination of the water table. The site at Kirby Misperton is within the catchment area of the river’s Ouse and Fosse and a dozen or so miles from the historic city of York. The same river’s that inundated parts of that city only months ago.
The British Government, despite growing opposition from the people, continues to coerce local planning authorities to allow fracking with what could be described as bribes. The phrases “sneering elites” and “in favour of the rich and stacked against the poor” come readily to mind.
The Trump lookalike Boris, Cameron and Gove’s mentor was ‘Lady’ Thatcher. Every move she made was charged by negativity; she destroyed the British manufacturing industry, she hated the miners, she hated the arts, she hated the English poor and did nothing at all to help them, she hated Greenpeace and environmental protectionists, she was the only European political leader who opposed a ban on the Ivory Trade. She was also against equal rights for women.
She was adamant that Socialist aims were power over people with more power to the State. Her policies included selling the people’s stock of ‘social’ housing and auctioning the nation’s utilities to private investors. This in fact removed power from the people and encouraged a generation of credit card spenders and day loan sharks. This fiscal suicide of capitalism, on both sides of the Atlantic, inevitably led to the banking irregularities in America which solely contributed to the financial meltdown from which Europe has yet to recover. She staunchly supported the US-UK ‘Special’ Relationship. This is another name for the ‘master and slave relationship’ of  Transatlanticism’.    Her supporters are the people who believe in an 11th Century England where peasants and serfs slave away daily, on inadequate recompense, where the ‘rich man in his castle’, [10% of the population whose money resides in off shore hideaways], owns 90% of OUR nation’s wealth.  “Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth.” Lucy Parsons wrote a century ago. As it was, is now, and ever shall be?

Cameron is probably her greatest advocate. He may be supporting the IN campaign but then someone has to. We already know he will not be leading the present government at the next General election. Either way IN or OUT of the EU, he will be a winner with the reward of a soccer “star’s” salary on one gravy train or another in London or New York.

     Vote No on June 23rd 2016 and to future historians the decision will be seen as comparable to the fall of the Roman Empire. Our nation will decline further into a footnote in history. Attacks on Rome heralded the end of the ancient world and the onset of the Middle Ages and millennia of war and conflict. Thatcher conned the ‘working classes’. Blair conned the ‘middle classes’. We mustn’t allow the men and women, who for over millennia have fought against the tyranny of crown, church and invasion, to have done so in vain.

     Vote Yes on June 23rd 2016 for a united Europe with Britain as an active member at its centre. It will be a beginning of the renaissance of the continent for all Europeans. Europe must not be allowed, through our own apathy, or malice of others, to become the vassal to those either to our east or those to our west.





  1. It is refreshing to read an assessment of this critical vote as extensive as yours. As an American, albeit one living in England for several decades, I don’t have a vote. But the issue, nonetheless, impresses me as a terribly important one for all of us, and I profoundly hope that on the morning of June 24th your view reflects that of the majority.

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