… .. 53bc. Somewhere near Antioch.

A merchant, mercenary and currently, a spy for the Parthian army sat at a table, in one of the darker porticos of the tavern, opposite a noisy group of men who had obviously disembarked, quite recently, after the long sea journey from their homeland. They were in search of food, drink and whatever else was for sale in the establishment.

Kallias was a tall, sallow man with short brown hair. He was the only son of the chief elder of his home village. He spoke several languages, picked up from the many merchants that passed along the trade route between Parthian Merv and distant Kashgar, the westernmost city of the mysterious Han Empire.

Throughout the day, he had been taking note of the numbers of roman soldiers as they took up designated positions in the army compound. He had estimated the latest landing of almost one thousand enemy cavalry, had brought a total of some ten thousand men were preparing to join the main roman army, commanded by Marcus Licinius Crassus that even now, acting on false information, was marching, across the Mesopotamian desert towards the city of Carrhae.

His sources in the Kasbah told him that the Romans were not about to compromise and so it appeared that war would be inevitable. He had decided that this was to be his men’s final battle and that any tribute his father had owed the Parthians would be fully paid at its end, whatever the result. He had already lost a quarter of his men and like the remainder yearned to return to his homeland.

.. excerpt from  – A PAWN OF DESTINY – to be published soon 


An extract from the book introducing: The Han Dynasty,General Chen Tang. A stocky man of average height, sat dressed in a dark blue silk robe, decorated on the wide cuffs with a gold abstract motive. His dark hair was tied informally while the two sides of his moustache trailed below his chin. He had not eaten his meal, which was minced mutton with a variety of vegetables. He wondered absent-mindedly when the supply wagons would arrive and he could have a portion of rice to eat. Outside he heard the night guard coming on duty. They were his own handpicked men at least he would be safe from his perceived enemies that night. He is planning to lay seige on the stronghold of the rebel barbarian, Zhizhi Chanyu. Following a victory he takes Darquin and his group prisoner …once more their  lives hang by a silken thread ….

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