The story tellers….We are the chosen. Each family, has one who seems called to put flesh upon their ancestors and make them live again. To tell the family story and to feel somehow they know and approve…To me, doing genealogy is not cold gathering of facts but, instead breathing life into all who have gone before..We are the story tellers of the tribe..

Actively researching:

BOARDMAN.   – Lancashire. 1797 – present 

DAVENPORT.  – Cheshire.      1675 – present

LEECH.               – Lancashire.  1800 – present

MANGNALL.   – Lancashire.   1675 – present


  1. Hello, thank you for liking a post of mine! I am very interested in Guy Fawkes because my father went to the same school as he did (St. Peter’s in York) but obviously not at the same time 😉 It has been a custom in our family, as it was at his school, never to burn a guy on the bonfire on 5th November as my father told me it was forbidden to burn the school’s Old Boys. I am sure over time, this statement filtered through into my subconsciousness and added to my increasingly defiant witchyness!

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